Parents from the USA

Parents from The USA

The Process for Americans

Lotus is the leading surrogacy agency for international clients in Ukraine.

We are western service oriented and know your needs throughout the entire program.

We find often it valuable for intended parents to contact other couples that have been through the process. Other couples probably share many concerns and queries you have.

We are happy for you to contact some of our USA couples to complete their surrogacy journey with us. Just e-mail us and we will be happy to connect you with them.

Unlike other agencies, within 2 working days from the time of birth, Lotus USA parents gets all necessary documents to apply for a USA passport and do DNA test.

At Lotus, we work with only legal and registered fertility services in the Ukraine, with fertility doctors registered with the local medical board. The majority of our parents become and stay pregnant within two attempts (surrogacy and egg donation).

If you are using your embryos to begin with, you should work professionals whom you have the best chance to have a pregnancy, with your embryos.

At Lotus, we recruit our surrogates very carefully and do not take more than 5 new clients per month, so we don’t have to compromise on services quality.

Our surrogate’s contract are very transparent; you send your surrogate funds to her directly.

Lotus offer assistance in doing the paperwork to obtain USA passport, and have done many cases USA clients in the past, so will work closely with you on what is required.

Lotus experience with US citizens will get you home faster than any other agency. 

We have regular embryos shipment from USA to Ukraine. All shipments are hand carried all the way. We have many pregnancies with embryos created in USA.

From the time of birth, it takes Lotus about 10-14 days to get the baby a USA passport. This is why it is important to go with an experienced agency that can help you with all documents and embassy request, at a timely manner, to avoid longer stays before receiving your passport.

Lotus has a very good Facebook support group for her parents, where you can find info about the program from many clients that are in deferent stages of the program and can read tips on how to make your journey a better one.

We look forward to begin planning your treatment,

Lotus Surrogacy team

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