American Intended Parents

U.S. Intended Parents

The Process for Americans

Lotus Surrogacy in Ukraine is the leading surrogacy agency for international clients.

We are service oriented so are aware of and are respectful of your needs throughout the entire program.

We find often it valuable for intended parents to contact other couples that have been through the process. Other couples probably share many concerns and queries you have. Should you wish to communicate with other US couples who have completed their surrogacy journey with Lotus Surrogacy, please contact us and we will connect you with them.

Unlike other agencies, Lotus Surrogacy can organise all necessary documents to apply for a US passport and DNA testing within 2 working days from the time of birth of your child.

At Lotus Surrogacy, we work with recognised legal and registered fertility services in the Ukraine. Most of our Intended Parents become pregnant within two transfer attempts (using surrogacy and egg donation). If you are using your embryos, we offer professional clinic services to offer you the best chance of a pregnancy.

We have regular embryo shipments from the USA to Ukraine. All shipments are hand carried and we have facilitated many pregnancies with embryos created in the USA.

Our surrogate contracts are very transparent; you send funds directly to your surrogate.

Lotus Surrogacy offers assistance in completing the necessary paperwork to obtain a USA passport for your child. We have facilitated many cases for US clients in the past, so know what is required for a smooth exit process.

Lotus’ experience with US citizens will get you home faster than any other agency!

From the time of birth, it takes approximately 10 days to get your child a USA passport. It is important to use an experienced agency such as Lotus Surrogacy that can help collate all documents your embassy requires in a timely manner to avoid longer stays than necessary for your baby to receive their passport.

Lotus also has a Facebook support group for Intended Parents where you can talk to other clients at different stages of the process and learn tips on how to make your visit more stress free and streamlined. 

We look forward to helping you begin your journey to parenthood. 

Lotus Surrogacy Team

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